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Check out for more info about what a "uses" page is.


  • MacOS Big Sur
  • iOS
  • Visual Studio Code is my go-to editor
  • In the terminal, I use vim for editing files
  • I use iTerm2 as my main terminal app
  • Shades of Purple theme for VS Code
  • Inter typeface
  • Firefox Developer Edition
  • Yabai for MacOS tiling window manager, along with skhd for keyboard shortcuts
  • Notion for keeping track of everything I'm doing and learning
  • Obsidian for writing journal entries in an intertwined digital garden
  • Adobe Photoshop for editing photos
  • I depend onBetterTouchTool for making gestures and customizing my touchbar
  • Spotify for listening to music
  • I keep my links clean using TrackerZapper
  • My VPN provider is Windscribe


  • 2018 MacBook Pro with the Touchbar
  • Alienware Aurora R7 Desktop
  • Logitech MX Master Mouse
  • One Samsung 27" monitor to extend my laptop display
  • An Acer 30" monitor for my desktop
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ for my home automation